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Occupational safety redefined

OXYFLEX® can detect accidents and changes in the health status of your employees at an early stage. This allows for quick assistance and minimizes the risks for:

  • Long-term injury history

  • Costly downtime 

  • Production losses

All-round protection – even in the field

Working in hazardous situations, areas or regions:
In many accidents, fast help can be vital. Especially when employees are traveling alone, remote monitoring with OXYFLEX® can help (DATI).


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With OXYFLEX® you create safety and
take precautions for your employees.

Easy to integrate

OXYFLEX® is a compact and wireless sensor. With an ergonomic strap, it is positioned on the forehead where it can measure a variety of vital signs.

  • Ergonomic and low-profile design
  • Can be worn with or directly integrated into headgear 
such as helmets, caps and hats
  • The band is discreetly concealed by the headgear and can be worn comfortably for several hours
  • Waterproof
  • Inductively rechargeable

That’s what makes OXYFLEX® so special!

The positioning on the forehead enables the optoelectronic measurement of a multitude of vital signs in real time. This allows the following dangers to be detected at an early stage:

Deterioration of the blood-oxygen level

Breathing problems

Heart problems

Cardiac arrhythmias

Dangerous changes in body temperature


Abnormal position

Intelligent analysis 

The data are analysed individually but also in combination. 

Observation of specific parameters > detection of anomalies > triggers alert, even without a fall or accident.

Crossing serveral parameters increases the confidence level in predicting problems or avoids false alerts, e.g. an accident alert.

Smart alarm system

In case of danger, an alarm is triggered and sent to a smartphone or company-specific system. Data transmission is wireless and encrypted via Bluetooth. The sensitivity of the alarm parameters can be adjusted to the respective person or work environment. 

Accompany. Anticipate. Get help.

OXYFLEX® connect-App

Our free app offers a secure evaluation of the data and can be customized.

  • Adjustable alarm functions

  • Constant development of all features

Data protection compliant
Monitor health without compromising the privacy of your employees: All measured values are only stored locally on the respective device. Only in case of anomalies an alarm signal is triggered and forwarded with the GPS data. 

Reduction of false alarms
By positioning it on the forehead, OXYFLEX® captures all the important data required for a health status analysis. By intelligently combining the measurement data, potential false alarms are reduced to avoid causing unnecessary worry or panic.

Soon available

Also for police, emergency services,
special forces and the military

Protects people who
protect us.

More than a token of appreciation, people who put themselves in harm’s way for others deserve prompt emergency care.

Put your trust in the protection
of your employees

Contact us and let our experts advise you.
Together we will find the perfect solution to protect your employees in the best possible way and make your work processes safer.

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