Tecmoled develops products and technologies for the eHealth sector. We concentrate on smart, connected and non-intrusive devices for monitoring vital signals.

  • Founded in 2019, based in Toulon / PACA / FRANCE
  • Our core competences include Optoelectronics, Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence for the eHealth
  • We have been awarded several LABELs as a young and innovative company: Deeptech (CIR approval)

Our vision: We want to provide exceptionally easy-to-use products with intelligent software solutions that enable non-intrusive, permanent and convenient monitoring of vital signals.

With our AI systems, we want to enable better analyses and help to identify anomalies more quickly and alert at an early stage.

“It all started with a very personal experience when one of us had a new family member born prematurely. A parent myself I was shocked to see my newborn nephew in this environment, it was intimidating and too technical, it took away the “human” from the child. This experience seemed to be as traumatic for him as it was for us. It sparked in us the idea to simplify the measurement of vital signals. We are sure that OXYFLEX will help, and such experiences will be a thing of the past.”

Mohamed Khalifa

Our mission:

  • To save lives
  • Improve quality of life and independence
  • Enable better prediction and faster warnings
  • Relieve the burden on carers and doctors
  • Make home care and patients’ daily lives easier
  • Make stays in hospital wards more comfortable
  • Make smart technology available to everyone at lower costs

Improving life. With smart health care. 

The Founders

Dr. Mohamed Khalifa
Co-founder, Chairman
2004 : PhD Optoelectronics
2000 : Master Electronics

PhD in Optoelectronics from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Expert in nanoelectronics and thin film technology, he has more than 20 years of experience in Optoelectronics for different applications: Display, Automotive, Lighting, military and medical projects.

Dip.-Ing. Schmitz Steffen

2001 : Master in Engineering Optoelectronics

More than 20 years of experience as Project Manager, Project Director, Commercial Director and Business Developer in multinational groups and SMEs for several markets: Automotive, technical Lighting, Medical, Military, Railway.

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