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What is TECMOLED ... ?

Light is something amazing. Light is something everybody has something, somehow to say about. We are creating light. We are working on the small things with the big impact. OLEDs are light wells in the palm of your hand. OLEDs are paper thin sheets that are stuffed with complicated physics and unpronouncable chemistry. But it also safes energy. So, basically, we offer flexibility and fascination and another sneek preview into the future.

What are OLEDS ... ?

Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diodes are the newest and most exciting technological advance in the lighting industry. This light source technology escaped relatively recently the scientific laboratories. It promises a new dimension in high quality illumination, conformable, ultra-thin , homogenious light. TECMOLED flexible OLED technology enables the next generation of lighting for automotive, military and medical applications, that will be brighter, will have a very neglegible weight, will be very thin with less than 50 micron, will give longer battery life, and can be mass manufactured on existing foundries at a very competitive price.This technology has the potential for introducing a major revolution in the flexible OLED technologies. The flexibility in design is one of the great benefits of conformable OLED lights. It can be created with different kinds of substrates and can be bended in various shapes. Another real advantage of the flexible OLED lighting is the fact that flexible OLEDs are very light weight and do not contain toxic materials such as mercury and other metals that are considered dangerous for the environment. In contrast to the energy-saving lamps OLEDs are 100% recyclable. The organic components are not harmful to the environment.


OLED Stack

OLEDs are made of individual layers of only some Nanometers thickness. The type of layer decides on the colour and performance of the light source. Sandwiched between flexible substrates, the final light source is only 0.05mm and 0.2mm thick.


Conformable OLEDs

Made of standard organic materials, the light emitting part of the OLED pixels has been designed to be manufacturable by any Optoelectronic foundry. It is developed on 200mm/200mm flexible glass and plastic substrates and is easily scalable from Gen2 to Gen8 substrates, giving high manufacturing yield at a cost which is lower than for current LED pixelized products.

Our Partners

It needs some good seeds to start a project, but it is even more important to to have the right partners who believe in its potential and future.





TECMOLED - Contributing to another Generation of Light

  • 2007-2018

    Our Humble Beginnings

    OLEDs are not new to us. The TECMOLED team is actively contributing wih over 20 patents to the military, medical and automotive industry already since 2007.

  • September 2018

    Getting back to business

    Seeing the interest of the market, the TECMOLED team takes on the challenge to develop two major platforms for innovative flexible OLED pixels, both based on the same patented, reliably manufacturable, low-cost OLED technology on large-area flexible substrates:

  • January 2019

    An Company is Born

    Getting into business in 2019, TECMOLED is at the forefront of a revolution that will introduce new flexible OLED technologies. We will take on the challenge.

  • 2020 ...

    Phase Two Expansion

    All good strategy needs a bit of time. Don't worry, we will tell you.

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